COVID- 19 Mortality and the Role of Social Capital

How can we explain the low death rates in some states that have a very high number of positive cases of COVID-19? And still, they have a very low death rate compared to other states.  At least one way of explaining that would be by exploring the concept of social capital.  Almost one and a […]

Preparing for a post COVID world using relationship analytics

“If you can see your path clearly in front of you, it is probably someone else’s” This is one of my favourite quotes by Joseph Campbell. It helps turns the terror of uncertainty into a game of adventure. And I find this statement so true in our current situation. As we all prepare for the […]

Dealing with crisis: What organisations could learn from Kerala

These days we hear a lot about the Kerala model and how Kerala is successful in flattening the curve of COVID-19. International news media has praised Kerala and Kerala leaders, the chief minister and the health minister who are leading a lot of initiatives to fight the COVID-19. At the same time, I feel we are […]

How faith spreads COVID-19

Religion and religious gatherings have taken the centre stage of criticisms during the COVID-19 pandemic for their role in the mass spread of the virus. Concerns over religious festivals and religious gatherings that came about during the time of social distancing advised by almost all governments across the world are perfectly understandable. But what is […]

COVID-19, social network analysis and lessons from South Korea

Stanley Milgram was a Prof in Harvard who did an interesting experiment. Milgram choose a stock broker in Boston and then he contacted 296 volunteers, one third of them were from Boston and rest from Omaha, Nebraska that is more than 1400 Kilometers away from Boston. Each of the 296 volunteers received a booklet that […]

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