Dealing with crisis: What organisations could learn from Kerala

These days we hear a lot about the Kerala model and how Kerala is successful in flattening the curve of COVID-19. International news media has praised Kerala and Kerala leaders, the chief minister and the health minister who are leading a lot of initiatives to fight the COVID-19. At the same time, I feel we are […]

How faith spreads COVID-19

Religion and religious gatherings have taken the centre stage of criticisms during the COVID-19 pandemic for their role in the mass spread of the virus. Concerns over religious festivals and religious gatherings that came about during the time of social distancing advised by almost all governments across the world are perfectly understandable. But what is […]

COVID-19, social network analysis and lessons from South Korea

Stanley Milgram was a Prof in Harvard who did an interesting experiment. Milgram choose a stock broker in Boston and then he contacted 296 volunteers, one third of them were from Boston and rest from Omaha, Nebraska that is more than 1400 Kilometers away from Boston. Each of the 296 volunteers received a booklet that […]

The Hidden Factor that can help you be Successful

Hard work and talent have always been considered as the two pillars of one’s success. But a lot many people are both talented and are tremendously hard-working, but does this guarantee success to all the people of the lot? Unfortunately, the answer is “No”. One of the most important determinants of their success is also, […]

How to make yourself relevant and in-demand?

Rajesh at 42, never thought he would be jobless when he heard the announcement of the merger of his telecom company with another one. But soon Rajesh was jobless. The current economic crisis in India along with the global trends could threaten millions of jobs. And yours could be one.  What can you do to make […]

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